Overpass is being built on Nalçacı Street, the problem of crossing the tramway is over | Konya

Nalçacı Street is overpass and tramway passes.
In Nalçacı Street, which is one of the busiest streets of Konya, the steep crossing will end.
The construction of the overpasses at Nalçacı Street, which was destroyed by the promises of about 8 months ago, was started at the end. With the completion of the construction of the bridge, Ranta Carlar, Musalla Cemetery, schools, banks and various shops Nalçacı Street citizens will no longer have to see their work. In particular, children go to school to go to the tram line to cross the road and will not be the case of invitations to the accident.
“I was late“
Citizens are very satisfied with the construction of the bridge, but too late said. While sending their children to school, citizens who expressed fear of accidents that may be caused by icing and fog, ard Hopefully we expect the construction of the overpass as soon as possible. With the completion of the bridge, we will be able to send our children to school more safely. About 1 years, we've been suffering from the overpass. Our work was disrupting. The end of the construction will end with this ordeal. Artık
On the other hand, Konya Metropolitan Municipality Construction Affairs Manager Göksel Gürocak, who received information about the subject, stated that overpasses will be completed within 3 months. Gürocak said that instead of the old bridges that had been demolished, 2 bridge would be built. I hope we'll end up in 90 business days İn.

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