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Once upon a time, there was a Mudanya Train between Mudanya and Bursa. It was not easy to make this line and the train to go into operation. Mudanya Train, 56 year after service, removed from the expedition.
First, Ibrahim Tunabay (D. 1920), the last officer of the Muradiye Station (Merinos) told us that:
- Can you tell me about your service on the train in Sicily?
I worked as a dispatcher in the Mudanya Train between -1943-1948. I worked as a dispatcher at the Muradiye (Merino) Station for five years, including at the 7-8 Bear Mudanya Station. In 1948, all personnel were assigned to the State Railways Adana Administration. Esi 27 was retired from TCDD Operations after years of service.
-Who were your co-workers while working on the train in Sicily?
-Mudanya station chief Rıza Çağlayan Bey, our business manager Vehbi Gülmeden Bey, and our manager, Şefik Bilge Bey. Cevdet Cengiz Bey was our conductor.
- What is the exact distance?
-Bursa-Mudanya 30 kilometers, despite the foreign operators passing the line through the winding and 42 kilometers as 100 meters were built. I think they were aiming to generate extra income by extending the path.
- How many stations were there?
-Mudanya-There were 5 stations, 2 stations on the Bursa line, their names were: Mudanya (Station), Yörükali (station), Koru (Station-Passage), Beşevler (station), Çekirge (Station), Muradiye-Merinos (Station - and Demirtaş (station) in Bursa.
- Where did the business run?
- Our building was located in Mudanya, the current building of Montanya Hotel. The Directorate of Operations and lodging buildings were located between the present and the Montanya Hotel.
-Mudanya Train is said to be slow, even some anecdotes about the subject are explained. What's the matter?
The train between Madi and Bursa would take two hours. The reason he went slow was the fact that the iş traverse esk was called, on which the rails were placed, the floor was transverse, the pieces of iron or wood could not be changed in time, they were old and rotten. The crossbars produced at the State Railways Workshop in Afyon could only respond to the changing of more busy lines. It was unable to meet the needs of small lines such as the Mudanya-Bursa line. So; The rails were defective, it was not suitable for normal driving. For this reason, some of the passengers were able to get off the train and retreat after a while in the ramps such as Bademli and Yörükali.
- How much for the trip?
- It would take two hours, the 22 penny for the adults, and the 11 penny for the minors.
- And your salary?
-Personal fees varied according to seniority and work done, the average 50 was around TL.
-Mudanya ?Bursa how many times a day in between?
- The ferries were largely dependent on the ferries coming to Mudanya. When I was working at Mudanya Train, there were 4 locomotives and 15 wagons. Normally the train, 2 arrival, would be the 2 return expedition. On demand, the number of voyages was known to be increased.
Every morning, the train departed from Mudanya at the 07.00, in the winter at 16.00 and at the 17.00 in the summer.
In order to inform the passengers about the movement of the train, the bell (train bell) was played. The drums always played different times:
When you play tantantan… .tan !, - so a tan at the end! when his voice came out - the box office would open. (This message was given when the ship was seen.)
Tantantan! tan !, when he played-at the end of the tan tone when the exit two - 5 minutes to be removed from the train was understood.
Tantant the ... Tan! Tan! Tan !, the steal when he finally played the tan-tone three times - the train would move.
- How was the engine system working?
- Our team worked with steam. In the past, the locomotives were operated by firing wood, and then coal was used to heat the water. During the years of National Struggle, in the troubled days, I heard that an intermediate train was operated with hay because no other fuel could be supplied.
-Mudanya de Did Bursa Train have other functions than passenger and freight transportation?
- Well, of course. For example: We carried the coal of the Merinos Factory. We also had freight wagons. These wagons were transported. The coal was lowered from Zonguldak to the port of Mudanya by ferry. From there, he moved to the Merinos Factory with the Mudanya Train. We would bring 40-45 tons of coal to the plant. At that time, Merinos Factory was producing electricity in Bursa. There was a need for coal to run the turbines. The factory was producing 110 volts; For a while, we have enlightened our homes and businesses with this energy.
We carried heavy turbines of Bursa Elektrik Isletmesi. We also brought heavy turbines of the Municipal Electricity Factory, the Mudanya Train, to the company to carry these tribunes, from the Merinos Station to the current Uedaş building.
Asker Shipment was made by train
At that time, the railroad served in the ship's shipment. On the day of shipment; the soldiers, the mother, father, spouse, engaged, relatives and friends formed a large crowd of relatives. The machinists would turn the whistle of the train into a pathetic pathetic act. Meanwhile, it was seen that some of the relatives of soldiers who were affected by this voice and separation were crying and even fainted. The soldiers were taken to Mudanya, and they were transported to Istanbul by ferry. They were sent from Istanbul to their barracks.
- What do you know about building?
Our engineers started the construction of the line between -Mudanya-Bursa. When there was no money left in the budget, the line was completed, in return for the operation right, a French company was based. The 1892 is in service. Between the years 1892-1931, he ran a French company. At the end of the contract, it was bought by TCDD from 1932 and operated our state until 1948.
- How was the closure closed?
-1948, Bursa City Hall, the General Directorate of State Railways, the Mudanya Train held a meeting on the future. I attended this meeting because it concerns my future. Representatives of transport companies also attended this meeting. At the meeting, they pushed the business not to be shut down, they offered different alternatives, they even aspired to the business, they said, 'Give us the line we run.' However, they could not convince our Director General, the demands were not accepted. 'We're hurting', it was said. The business was closed on 1948.
- How was liquidation carried out?
After the decision to close the work stopped, a station guard at each station was left. Until 1952, they protected the line, station buildings, fruit trees on the land belonging to the State Railways Company extending along the line to the right and left, harvesting the fruits during the season; then these fruits were sold on behalf of the state.
In 1952, the wagons and locomotives moved from Istanbul to Mudanya to the Istanbul-Turkey State Railways Yedikule Workshop. Then the rail rails were removed.
Can you tell us your memories about those days?
- Mudanya was an entertainment and resting place for the people of Bursa. On summer days, Bursa residents would be transported to Mudanya by train starting Friday morning. He used to flock from Bursa to Mudanya on Saturday and Sunday. The people who spent the night outside used to brew and drink tea with their samovars and spent the night on the sands on the beach.
As long as they stay in Mudanya, they enter the sea, have picnics with the food they bring, they will play with darbuka. On Monday mornings, they returned to their homes and workplaces enthusiastic.
I Send a Wrestler in Bursa to Yiğitali by Train
- On a Sunday, a soldier named Recep came to the station where I worked., There are wrestling, my brother, send me to Yörükali ü, he said. Every year, there were oil wrestling. Because he was a wrestler, he went in there and wanted to wrestle. Dedim The next train marjantis, (freight train) let the train chief ask him,, he said. As for the train situation, I told the chief: 'Love the wrath, I love wrestling, but the legislation contrary, I'll take you, help me,' he said, took him.
That soldier used to come by when he landed a permit. After his discharge, he did not go to his hometown, Tekirdağ, and settled in Bursa. We talked to him at the market-market, we became friends.

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