Military freight train in Egypt overthrown 19 troops lost their lives

Military freight train in Egypt overthrown 15 troops lost their lives
The last wagon of the military train derailed in Egypt. 19 soldiers died in the accident according to the first determinations
At least 19 soldiers were killed and 107 were injured as a result of the overthrow of the military freight train from Asyut to Cairo in the al-Bedrşin region in Giza.
Witnesses, the soldiers carrying the last car of the train's derailment of the result of the result of the accident, claiming that at least 30 people lost their lives, the rescue work continued until the morning hours, he said.
Egypt Ministry of Health SözcüSü Ahmed Ömer reported that the number of deaths in the accident rose to 19 and the number of injured to 107.
On the other hand, the train is reported to carry a thousand 328 soldiers.
Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi appointed a new Minister of Transport on January 6. Since the accident in which 2012 students died in November 49, the Ministry of Transport court has been empty.

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