When I slept in the Metrobust I heard

When I slept in the Metrobust I heard
I am a student at Marmara University. I use the metrobus on my way to and from the university from my home. The day I have been sitting on the metrobus for about 2 years does not exceed 15 days. Because wherever I see a lady, I do not look at it as old or young, I will definitely give it a place. I am sensitive to the elderly. I never want to let old people go standing up. I definitely include. When I have these feelings, what happened to me is a complete comedy. "
It was 1 month ago. I get on from Söğütlüçeşme and go to Zincirlikuyu side. One of the double seats right in front of the back door of the metrobus was empty. I looked around to see if there were any elderly or women, and when I couldn't see anyone, I sat down. The weather was a little hot and I was tired. I fell asleep at the edge of the corridor where I was sitting with my hands clasped. Since the person sitting next to me did not get up, I did not wake up between the stops.
“I don't know where we're coming. However, I woke up with the voice of an old uncle singing to himself. I didn't think it was said for me first. However, when I listened a little, I was stunned to learn that this rumor was for me. “This is what it feels like to be young in this age! Hey hey hey! Was it like this in our time? When an old man comes, you will sit down! Nowadays do not want to give a place to the old people by pretending to be a sleeper. This is what modern youth is like, ”he said.
“When I heard your uncle's words, I got to the bottom of the ground. It was like everyone was looking at me. I apologized and got up and said, “Yes, uncle. I'm sorry I slept, ”I said. I thought your uncle was going to sit down, but I was wrong. The angry uncle was looking at me and heading for the door. I was trying to understand what was happening with surprise. After this interesting talk, I pay more attention not to sleep in a metrobus again.

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