Metrobus star

Metrobus star
It is possible to come across interesting people during the journey. While the silence prevailed in the vehicle, the young man who suddenly sang the song "I'm tired friends" was surprised at first and then got applause.
A lawyer reader, who got on the metrobus from Istanbul Incirli, explained this interesting journey as follows: “I got on the metrobus to come to the courthouse in Çağlayan. It was noon time. I was both thinking about the lawsuits I was going to enter and watching the torment of people trying to get on and off the metrobus. He was a slender and tall 25-year-old youth in Topkapı. He just grabbed the seat next to me. Everyone in the vehicle was quiet and on their own. At that moment, that young man started singing aloud. All the passengers who had been silent and on their own until that moment suddenly paid attention to that young man. He closed his eyes and started to watch the young man singing the song "I'm tired friends" of İbrahim Tatlıses with his burning voice. The beautiful voice of the young person caused a concert atmosphere in the metrobus. The astonishment of the passengers this time turned into admirable looks.
Neither the lawsuits nor other thoughts were left in my mind. When the song was over, when the request came in the metrobus saying "bravo", "let it be halal for you", "let's say one more", the young with a burnt voice exploded the second song. This time, it entertained the passengers with "Mavi Mavi". Singing a song after the Metrobus concert, the young man said, 'My problem is not to collect money. I came from Şanlıurfa 15 days ago. They liked my voice in Unkapanı. But they wanted a lot of money to make tapes, 'he said.

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