Metrobus driver, you can not use the metrobus I'll use

Metrobus driver, you can not use the metrobus I'll use
Approximately 800 thousand people using metrobus from Beylikdüzü to Avcılar and Zincirlikuyu and from there to Söğütlüçeşme encounter dozens of different events every day. Most of the time, various topics from the discussion arising from the crowdedness of the metrobus to harassment, from getting off and on are among the memories. One of our readers, Seydi Murat Ercan, who frequently uses the metrobus for his job, has 3 events and 3 different memories.
“At Avcılar Metrobus stop, we were waiting for the 34B line that goes to Beylikdüzü for an average of 45 minutes and with an average of 200 people. After a long wait, the 50-year-old uncle, who was among us, jumped forward and said, “Quickly get out of that seat. I have been waiting for minutes, you cannot drive, I will use the metrobus! " he shouted and blocked the driver.
One day, while I was going to Zincirlikuyu by metrobus, I saw a nice Japanese tourist and I fixed my eyes. I'm officially looking at the girl. I guess!… I don't know if the Japanese tourist was looking at me. Eyes are slanting, so I couldn't figure out exactly. But I kept looking. I think he was looking at me too. Of course, we couldn't talk, he got off and left. Then I posted the following tweet. 'You have started a new era in technology, but you don't know how to get water from the water machine at the station. Are you Hiroshima, velvet bride headed an atom bomb?
“I took my sister to the Fenerbahçe-Sivasspor match, where only women and children came. At the end of the match, while 55 thousand women got on the metrobus, waiting for a lady to sit on my side seat, my boyfriend Yakup, whom I met in Balıkesir the previous summer, sat. Chances are, will you laugh or cry?

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