Metrobus driver pulled a lot of alcoholic passengers

Metrobus driver “I drew a lot of alcoholic passengers”
I am the Metrobus driver. One night, on the way to Avcılar, alcoholic passengers got into the vehicle. He stood in my head and spoke constantly; harassed…
Since 15 days, the calendar wrote about what happened in the metrobus, where approximately 800 thousand people travel between the stops from Beylikdüzü to Zincirlikuyu and from Söğütlüçeşme. Metrobus passengers shared many memories from the crowd to harassment, theft, giving love phones and marriage proposals through CALENDAR. After the passengers, the metrobus drivers expressed their interesting memories. Here is the interesting and thought-provoking memory of a metrobus driver who does not want to give his name.
I had moved to go from Zincirlikuyu to Avcılar. It was already midnight. Passengers are not crowded, but most were alcohol. Hani, the example of 'match strikes' pops, the intense alcohol smell came from the back and middle to the driver's place. I don't drink but I feel like I smelled like alcohol. I opened the window and the air conditioner to let fresh air in. Meanwhile, a drunken drunk came to me. Cevizliwe came to the vineyard. I understood that the level of income from the clothes of the drunk person that came with me was good. However, he was very drunk and was trying to explain something. But he couldn't explain.
While looking at the road, I was trying to understand what this person said. Passengers in the Metrobus are also listening to this person, but they could not do anything because they did not understand. We were all nervous. Sometime passengers wanted to get away from me with the excuse to include the drunk man. But he was not successful. I warned the drunk man not to speak. Because it was very difficult to drive both the vehicle and the drunk passenger. But in vain. For me, my alcoholic and risky transportation duty continued until Avcılar, which was the last stop. I still laugh at this, thinking about how I did not crash and how I was affected by alcohol, and what that person wanted to say.

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