Metrobus drivers live fearless moments

Metrobus drivers live fearless moments
Metrobus drivers live in fearful moments. Some of the passengers thought on the steering wheel, the drivers were surprised at what they would do.
Not only passengers but drivers also have difficulties in the Metrobus. A metrobus driver explains the interesting event he experienced: “Metrobus is always stuffy. This situation also jeopardizes road safety. Because we need to be very careful in the metrobus as well as on the roads. For this reason, I get very tired during the working hours.
Metrobus is more preferred for citizens. This situation causes excessive accumulation in the metrobus. This overcrowding poses a big problem not only for passengers but also for us drivers. I had a terrible incident 3 months ago about this. The Zincirlikuyu Stop was like the point of life as usual. When it was time for me to pick up passengers, I got up at the stop by taking the passengers in the evening. We came to Çağlayan stop. I was controlling both those who got in and out of the mirror. Metrobus was filled with those who left the courthouse. I was irritated by this overcrowding of the Metrobus. Therefore, I was thinking of going a little slower, without taking passengers at the next stops. With this hope, I came to Edirnekapı Stop. My eyes are in the descending and getting on again. Passengers were forced to get into the car in Edirnekapı on the Koca Metrobus.
Nobody had to move, it was almost unable to breathe. You'd be surprised if you saw where the driver's seat was. People would even get there if there was room next to me. But there was nothing to do and I had to act. A few seconds later, a male passenger fell behind the wheel due to excessive build-up. For a moment I lost my steering control, I would make an accident for a short time. However, with years of experience, I recovered immediately. The passenger who fell behind the wheel apologized to me on the one hand, and on the other hand was said, "What if I get on the metrobus again?" I was experiencing the comfort of getting through a big accident cheaply.

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