Metrobus Greetings

Metrobus Passengers Applauded My Humor. The joke I made to the passenger who told me to speak on the phone got applause… I was going home by metrobus last night. My phone rang. I looked at my mother looking. Like every student, I have financial difficulties. My mom doesn't send money. He also gets angry that "I have no money". Anyway he yelled on the phone. I said, "Oh mother, I'm on the metrobus, let's talk later." He hung up on it. Then I turned to my friend and said, "My mom who is looking for a job also thinks it is easy to find a job." "So what should we be a garbage man?"
At that moment, a voice came from behind me. "Ma'am, you are on public transport, talk properly," she screams officially. Suddenly I became quiet. I thought it was the effect of scolding. While coming to the Avcılar stop, everyone came towards the door. I'm sitting right next to the middle door. When the woman passed by me, I turned to my friend and said, "Friend, garbage man is probably taken too much." Screaming whistles in the whole bus. I got off the bus, a few people congratulated. They said, "It was a great joke." I thank you modestly. Then I thought why these people were so interested in a simple joke and applauded me. I think everyone was looking for something to laugh with the boredom of the evening while traveling on the metrobus. Because there was no clever joke to whistle and applaud. But it still remained an unforgettable memory for me.

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