Metrobus mouse did not reach its goal

Metrobus mouse did not reach its goal
Every day, interesting events take place in the metrobuses that travel between Beylikdüzü and Söğütlüçeşme. A security guard tells of a pickpocket attempt in the vehicle. “We are two friends working in the same company. We went to the Zincirlikuyu metrobus stop with my friend after the morning security watch to go to our homes. Of course, as every morning, metrobus stops were very crowded. Every vehicle that came was suddenly filled with people loading inward as if they were chewing on each other. For this reason, we could not get in any vehicle for 15 minutes. Also, the vehicles were getting more crowded because it was Monday, the first business day of the week. We, two security guards, finally got into one of the vehicles after waiting patiently. At this intensity, I and my friend felt very lucky to get into the vehicle. I mean, we were delighted, although not like children.
Until that metrobus rat came to us. The young man, 25 years old, brown, 1.65 tall and with a beret on his head, would regret that we got on the metrobus, which he regretted himself. How can I tell you? The metrobus is already cramped and we barely got on it. This young man with a beret started to be said as soon as we got into the vehicle. Here "Why did you get on the metrobus? It's already cramped. Come on, get on the next one, ”the edata wanted to get us off the metrobus. As if the metrobus is the property of his father. However, I and my friend did not understand why this person wanted to take us out of the BRT by saying that. When we got to Metrobus Mecidiyeköy, we started to understand why. We saw that this person, who was told to us, moved away from us a little as the metrobus got more crowded, and sneaky, glaring at women's bags and not content with that, he made a move.
We've caught YANKESIC
That was the opportunity we were looking for. First, two friends with eyebrows and an eye mark that we believe this metrobus mouse someone from someone's bag or pocket to wait for something to take. However, after this person in this crowd after getting money and escapes, we decided to stop in advance. By the way, Metrobus had arrived at the Topkapi station. Me and my friend tried to open a lady's bag, all of a sudden, we kept her by the arms. He didn't know what it was. But when he saw us, he realized that he was caught, and confused looking confused. I thought you thought he got us down. In the meantime, the passengers were confused and confused at us, trying to understand what happened, but they did not say anything. They may have considered us as trust squads. As soon as the BRT ever moved, we took this sneaky pickpocket out like we were holding the arm.

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