Great surprise at the Metrobus stop!

Great surprise at the Metrobus stop!
Beylikdüzü Municipality, homes and businesses to go to the stops waiting for the citizens served soup. Citizens were very satisfied with the distribution of soup.
Beylikduzu Municipality has mobilized all opportunities due to the effective snowfall. Mayor Yusuf Uzun, the Mayor of Beylikduzu, provided the citizens with hot soup at metrobus stops. Hasırcılar, Beko, the citizens of the municipality metrobus stop at home or work, the municipality experienced great satisfaction with the hot soup served.
Citizens said, “Soups are very good. They've been distributing soup since the morning. It's a great app. It saved us from feeling cold. "We were going to school, roads are open and the municipality works."
Beylikdüzü Mayor Yusuf Uzun said, “Currently, snow is very effective everywhere in Istanbul. Our friends continue their studies, they try to keep the roads open. While people were getting cold this winter, our friends got organized at metrobus stops. I advise people not to go out unless they have to. We take our measures to continue 24 hours a day, ”he said.

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