Megakent Metrobus prisoners in Istanbul

Megakent Metrobus prisoners in Istanbul
Every journey of us BRT prisoners living in Megakent is a drama!
Istanbulites are prisoners of metrobus! So we are! Those who live in this beautiful city, employees, even cross KadıköyPassing to and working there… They have to!
Prisoners! They have to get on the metrobus! Because the bus lines were removed ...
It is a problem to reach the E-5, the metrobus from the inner districts, it is a thousand trouble to get on. Let's say you want to ride, go to work as soon as possible, you have two options in front of you. One, mingling with hundreds of prisoners down the stairs 75 centimeters wide and trying to descend to the station, giving way to dozens of prisoners trying to climb the stairs at the same time!
The second elegant, the disabled people go back to the father, let's go down to use the lane! A tourniquet's tail is held below. This obstacle inadvertently exceeds the prisoner, waiting for the metrobus are among the dozens of men with men waiting for the prisoner.
Then the metrobus comes, I feel it! Everyone said, "Hurraaa!" says. And the brood begins! The prisoner who can throw himself in the metrobus is thankful. The mother, who can not push her child inside and enter herself, is struggling outside. In the orbit of the beautiful young female prisoner, ten and ten young prisoners take their place, the rest remain, the journey begins with those who can enter.
Since the air conditioners are overworked, the male prisoners' smells of sweat are mixed with the scents of the cheap perfumes of the female prisoners. An old aunt is looking for a suitable convict husband for her daughter, who has stayed at home, in a crowd of men. A prisoner who went to Okmeydanı State Hospital loses his tomography film and screams.
Meanwhile, the music of Kurtlar Vadisi Cendere rises from the cell phone of the prisoner next to me, and the prisoner starts to search for his phone in my pocket because of the jam. While a teenager thinks that he is just listening to music with headphones, one of your uncle warns, "My son, will you turn down that infidel music". While the seated pretend to sleep happy, with their eyes closed, the standing ones lean against each other out of exhaustion. In the meantime, there are always arguments mixed with warning such as 'you stepped on my feet, you rubbed' or even 'why did you look like that'.

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