Sea traffic meets rail system Kabataşa giant project

Sea traffic meets rail system Kabataşa giant project
After Taksim and Aksaray Kabataş project for
After the huge squares built in Taksim and Aksaray, a project Kabataş prepared for.
Sea traffic meets rail system Kabataş10 thousand square meters of pedestrianized square comes to Istanbul. Vehicle traffic between Dolmabahçe-Fındıklı is underground. The square will have shops, exhibition halls, parking and metro connections under the ground.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is preparing projects consecutively to identify the megacity with the squares. When saying Aksaray, Taksim, Beyazıt, Üsküdar, Maltepe and Yenikapı, President Kadir Topbaş said,KabataşWe have a work to acquire a challenge in Turkey. ” Maritime traffic, rail system and subway (to be made Kabataş-Mahmutbey line) meeting point Kabataşgains pedestrianized square.

70 thousand square meters project
Will be renewed with seagull concept prepared by architect Hakan Kıran Kabataş In the 70 thousand m2 project with its pier, priority is given to the right of use and passage of pedestrians, and it is aimed to ensure circulation without any intersection with public transportation vehicles. Bosphorus, Historical peninsula and Anatolian Side panorama Kabataş10 thousand square meter square was created to be used by pedestrians only.

Traffic to be underground
In the project, which will be the main transfer point for the travels between Europe and Asia, and will be an important alternative to the Beşiktaş square with public transport connections, the vehicle traffic is taken under ground between Fındıklı and Dolmabahçe. The vehicles will surface after the 400 meter travels underground. Thus, Beyoğlu hills will have uninterrupted access to sea transport without vehicle traffic. Vehicle traffic is expected to decrease on the Büyükdere axis.

The two-storey (10 thousand m2) underground floor of the 20 thousand m2 pedestrianized square in the project was also functionally planned. Ground floor will be -1 floor, shop, parking lot and exhibition halls, and -2 floor will be shop, car park and metro-funicular connection. The 500-car parking lot under the ground will serve with an automatic parking system. on the other hand Kabataş project was approved by the Council of Monuments, while the plan works were completed. Researches on sea and land grounds were also conducted. By the way, with the road underground, the empty spaces provided will be arranged as green areas. For this, the amount of green areas of the region will be increased by 35 percent. Within the scope of the project, where only one tree will not be cut, the plane trees that lie along the road in the region, the monumental trees, and the historical tombstone in the middle of the road and historical fountains will be preserved.

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