First domestic tram with silkworm test drive

First domestic tram with silkworm test drive
Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek said, “Today you can buy an iPad with 1800 kilograms of tomatoes or you can buy a tomography device with 27 trucks of marble blocks. In our value added chain, we need to switch to technological products, ”he said.
In his speech during his visit to the AK Party Bursa Provincial Directorate, Şimşek said that their main priorities are human beings, therefore they allocate the biggest resource within the budget to education.
2002 11 billion pounds of education in the general budget stating that allocated resources, the 2013 budget, this figure has reached 68 billion pounds.
Noting that with this figure, 17 percent of the budget is allocated to education, Şimşek said:
“Our main priority is people. For this reason, we allocate the biggest resource to education. In 2002, over 11 billion resources were allocated to education. This year it has exceeded 68 billion liras. In other words, we allocate 17 percent of the budget to education. This means that; In order to strengthen the foundations of our country for the next 40-50 years, we invest the resources we collect from the nation in the nation again. Again, the public will spend 69 billion lira this year in health. This again corresponds to 17 percent of the budget. In other words, we allocate 34-35 percent of our budget to education and health. This is very meaningful in terms of showing our national characteristics. It is very meaningful in terms of showing how resources are used in the country. During this period, our investments in infrastructure continue. You can't really gain competitive power without infrastructure. You cannot both attract global investments and achieve the desired performance in bringing existing investments to the public. "
- R & D investments-
Emphasizing that it is very important for the investments to be made to make people's lives easier, Şimşek said, “Our country has come a long way in this regard. "We have become one of the countries with the highest investment increase in the world not only in divided roads, but also in high-speed trains from which Bursa will benefit."
Stating that they continue to strengthen R&D as the private sector and the public sector, Şimşek addressed the party members as follows:
“In addition to all these, we are strengthening R&D. Our country should go up in the value added chain. Today you can buy an iPad with 1800 kilograms of tomatoes or you can buy a tomography device with 27 trucks of marble blocks. In our value added chain, we need to move on to technological products. We give incentives to the private sector for this, and we are making a tremendous effort as the public. Of course the one hand, Turkey is doing so puts one hand, public finance investment scheme. Of course, governments had a very short life in the past. In other words, the life of an average government from 1950 to the end of 2002 is not even 15 months. Of course then you cannot put forward the 2023 vision. But we thankfully provided this political power to our party with your healthy work, with this kindness. Of course, we brought the right policies, structural reforms and of course macroeconomic stability. We collect the tax from the nation and normally we should serve it as a service back to the nation. 2002 percent of the taxes collected in 86 were going to interest. In other words, if the state collects 100 lira tax, 100 lira of this 86 lira goes to the domestic and foreign interest of the state. Can you imagine- There is nothing left, for this reason, it is very difficult to produce services in such an environment and to make a long-term program. "
-Value topic-
Mehmet Şimşek also mentioned that 2002 percent of the equipment needed by the defense industry was imported in 75:
“We reduced this rate up to 46 percent. Beyond that, it started to turn into an important export item. Last year, exports amounted to almost $ 1,3 billion. Therefore, we prioritize its infrastructure and education in order to raise the economy of our country, and on the other hand, we prepare the ground for R&D and innovation for permanent increase in welfare. "
Employment, investment and exports, which primarily stated that the deal, Simsek, said:
“We primarily dealt with employment, investment, export and production. Let me tell you one more thing; 200 trillion, 49,5 percent income tax before our AK Party governments. In other words, the rate given by certain income areas goes up to 49,5 percent. We reduced this to 35 percent. It still is. The tax rate in the lowest tax bracket was 22 percent, we reduced it to 15 percent, but more importantly, we zeroed the tax for minimum wage earners. Sometimes these issues are discussed; With 4 children, he pays zero income tax with a minimum wage whose spouse is not working. Gives 3 with 0,7 kids. So even 1 percent does not come. Single gives 5,3 percent. But there used to be a 13,8 percent tax on the minimum wage. Look, we did that too. So we have reduced the corporate tax. We have reduced the income tax. What else have we done - For example, what are the very basic areas - Education, health, clothing, tourism, travel, etc. We reduced the VAT rate from 18 percent to 8 percent. So there is actually a big discount here. We reduced VAT to 8 percent on many food products. Turkey is doing so much investment on the one hand and, on the other hand has reduced taxes. On the one hand, he has really organized his own house. It has regulated the public cost. "
- "Fortunately, we have been successful in local administrations and reduced budget deficits" -
Public debts and a decrease in the public debts in the local government is explaining the closure of the budget deficit Simsek, party members addressed to:
“Fortunately, we have been successful in local administrations and reduced budget deficits. We reduced the public debt and thanks to this, today 17 percent of the tax revenues of the budget goes to interest. Now, 86 percent, where is 17 percent- I hope we will lower it further. Of course, Turkey indeed has come from. The gross domestic product was 1998 billion dollars in 198. You are coming to the beginning of the 2000s. It's still around $ 200 billion. But we, at that time, did not experience a global crisis. But what have we done- We bought it from $ 2002 billion in 230, and now it went up to $ 800 billion last year, despite the last global crisis of the last 60 years. Therefore, your efforts have been fulfilled, and you should be proud of yourself in that respect. God bless you."
-The first native tram is a test drive with the silkworm.
On the other hand; Minister Şimşek, after the BTSO visit, went to BURULAŞ with Bursa Governor Şahabettin Harput, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe and their entourage. Şimşek got on the first local tram, Silkworm, and took a test drive.
After the drive, a journalist said, “After Idris Naim Şahin left the Ministry of Interior, a comment came from MHP chairman Bahçeli, who said that Şahin had fallen victim to the 'İmralı process'. Mr. Şahin made a statement saying, "He's telling the truth." Şimşek gave the following answer to the question “How do you evaluate it”:
"Party sözcüWe make the necessary explanation on those matters. We have now seen a very good system put into practice by our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor in Bursa, especially how our industrialists from Bursa really show their talent, and how the tram that can compete with the world and built with the latest technological equipment is created. We really congratulate you.

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