Kızılay Çayyolu metro line is coming to the end step by step

Kızılay Çayyolu metro line is coming to the end step by step
Necatibey and National Library stations continue to work in the short time Tahan, voicing expects to be finished, Söğütözü direction towards the Kızılay'ya a kilometer to the rail was said.
The Kızılay Çayyolu metro line, which has been occupying the agenda of the capital for a long time, is approaching to the end step by step. The line is completed in 2013 and is expected to enter the service of Ankara citizens.
Construction Site Chief of Kızılay-Çayyolu Metro Construction Site Baran Bayuk, Ankara Hürriyet team to visit the construction sites and the ending tunnels, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, General Director of Infrastructure Investments Metin Tahan, gave information about the subway work. Tahan said, mal The tunnel works are completely over. Now the rail was laid on one side and rough work started on the other. Artık
Tahan said that the tunnel line of the metro line is completely over and that they are proud to be able to leave such a burden in a short time. Referring to the fact that the work area is quite difficult, Tahan said,, We have a heavy traffic above and heavy buildings all over our construction site. We have also struggled with the waters under ground. Bir
Tahan underlined that they are working with all the workers on the field and said:
Ir The works at Necatibey Station have been continuing for months with great care. In Ankara, for the first time, the 'diaphragm wall' with the high depth of the ground in both the strengthening of the structure of the construction of a system that make up the structure. The same was used in Marmaray. Expensive but powerful system. When this place is completely over, we can say that the node will be solved. As of today, we have finished 70.
People think that after the incident of immigration there will be a re-immigration. But everyone should keep it cool. After our work here, the risk is now zero. It's about minor deformations. Uncompressed and gradual underfilling is not done for these dents. In general, manhole covers are located around them and at the edges of places where ASKİ channel lines pass. This has nothing to do with the subway work. We intervene in those moments and make them more robust than before.


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