Kemal Demirel will explain 16 years of railway struggle with an exhibition | Bursa

Kemal Demirel 16 will present the exhibition of the year's railway struggle
CHP former Bursa Deputy Kemal Demirel is holding a photo exhibition describing his struggles for the railway to Bursa.
39 provinces for railway projects, 8 counties and 77 thousand kilometers of roads traversing Demirel, with photographs collected from the walk "Kemal Demirel, Turkey from Bursa rails extending between the opening exhibition at the last 16 years. Meeting with the press members for breakfast before the exhibition to be opened at Tayyare Cultural Center on Saturday, January 26, Demirel said, “We came together with you to tell a brief summary of my 16-year work on the railway photography exhibition that I will open at the Tayyare Cultural Center at the weekend. As you know, there was a train in Bursa before. This train was between Bursa and Mudanya and was about 42 kilometers. However, this train was later lifted on July 1953, 10 by enacting a law in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Although Bursa is the second city that contributes the most to the history, tourism, industry, student city and the economy of the country after Istanbul, it is never an acceptable situation that there is no railway and the train is deprived of it.
Demirel continued his words:
“I started the necessary research on the news of“ Müjde, a train is coming to Bursa ”published in the Bursa press in 1997. I contacted the State Planning Organization, we did research on this issue, and we saw that there was not even 1 lira in the budget for the train, which is called good news. Believing that it is necessary to do something for the train to arrive in Bursa, not the good news anymore, we set out from the Harmancık train station on January 19, 1997.

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