Two Cars Making an Accident Drove to Tramway

Accident of two cars flew into the road to the tram. In Sultangazi, two cars crashed out of control and flew to the tram. 2 injured the person after the accident the road was forced to walk the tram.

The accident occurred at 16.00 ranks at the 100 meter from the Sultangazi Cumhuriyet Tram Stop. According to information received, the driver's name and plate can not learn a car, while watching the direction of Ankara, 06 DD 2323 plate in front of the car hit the front. With the severity of the impact, both cars flew off the tramway. 2 was injured in the vehicle that caused the accident. The wounded were taken to the hospital by ambulance from the scene, due to the accident stopped tram trips. Taner Bayazıt, who was in the 06 DD 2323 license plate flying to the tramway, said, X We were moving to the left lane. He came from the right lane, and then he shot him from behind. There was a lady and a man in the car. We were 3. We are not injured in our car, Bizim he said.

Due to the accident the tram service could not be done for a long time. Tram passengers had to walk while there.
Investigation on the accident continues.



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