Kayseri Light Rail System

Kayseri Light Rail System
I mean Kayseri Light Rail System (HRS), that is - not true, but to be understood. Because the tram is also a kind but HRS is very similar - I looked at the tram's one-year passenger transport figures… I was able to reach the end of October / 2012…
The numbers of the last two months have yet to be given meli Obviously, they will give the other months delayed Son But somehow; U We see that the most transported passenger to date is UM 22 November 2012. The number is given as 89 315. November is certain Kasım
Another meaning is the X peak day ”, the working time, the 18 hour,“ one direction, hour, the number of passengers carried ”, the 2 481 person bir
On the website, the number of passengers to be transported by the consultant firm ESER Engineering for the first stage ”One hour per hour (2020) avir is not given for the second and third stage, why? I am confused veril The second stage and the third stage are not given ”.
Another issue that draws my attention is… Second stage yapım okay, between Mimarsinan Road Junction-İldem X As far as I know, “third stage ğ, 30 will be connected to Talas through August-University ars In fact, construction is continuing“ But ESER Consulting is doing this Dikkat Cumhuriyet Square-Erciyes ”as the Erc
Where's that route? It needs to be clarified uş What is the difference between the application and the route given by the consultant firm?
Let's continue UM First stage UM to the actual figures of the present ors Average passenger on the moon, 2 million around bu Looking at the past years, this is fixed… No matter how hard you push, you can not carry more passengers, 17,5 km OSB-Mimarsinan road junction between ...
So, the average number of et passengers in one direction, hour, X is 1 851 ”So this is more or less fixed, for the first stage D
Now, let's say, dedi To the place where the zurna is called an. For the bin first stage Pro of the project, ESER Engineering has given the number of passengers to be transported in ”one direction, hour“ in 2020, eight years later, as Pro
The question is: Can the 2012 1 (851 2 on the peak day) 481 end in one direction at the end of 10? This is not possible mış As well as the number of passengers, “stable sayı
An important reason for me to emphasize on the “number of passengers carried in one direction per hour” is: This figure is a very important parameter in terms of the “feasibility” of a “transportation system”… Rubber wheel, heavy-light rail system, metro etc. This criterion is very important in its selection. But it is not the only criterion. Some sources say this figure; It gives 10-25 thousand, for Light Rail Systems ...
Of course, the economy of the business, the annual balance sheet, S profit-loss account ıy can not reach the values, such as KAYSERAY's website iş Why? No, I don't know if it's published somewhere else yayınlan is the current system in profit or loss? If it's a loss, is it an acceptable number?
I moved this column, timely zaman Hamdi Altuntaş in an interview with our friend, our esteemed President Mehmet Özhaseki, bizim BURSARAY profit, we can say that we'll make a profit! Um He said um The figure was too high… Simultaneous, Bursa, ış profit-and-profit Bana I wanted to get the number, ği Information Act “by“ They will still return to me ”
In my writings, I remember very well that I have dropped the following note: n No tall profit is expected in this kind of services neden Even the damage is normal olm But it should be reasonable bile Therefore, three to five trillion yearly losses, kiss and put on your forehead ıy an Hopefully, as of 31.12.2012 balance sheet, Kayseri profit-loss ”table, Kayseri is shared with the public os

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