Kayaş - Kayseri Line Cutting Project The contract for the installation of fiber optic cable and power cable and GSM-R, transmission and telephone systems tender was invited by Kemal Çağlar Yurtsever.

New developments on the tender for the installation of fiber-optic cable and power cable and installation of GSM-R, transmission and telephone systems for the Kayas - Kayseri line cutting project of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) were recorded.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; Kemal Çağlar Patriot Company 27.749.930, who won the tender which is determined as the cost 14 lira, was invited for a contract on January 2013. The company will sign an agreement with 22.987.326 in the coming days.
As is known, other companies participating in the tender were determined as follows:
1. Akçadağ - Burkay Construction
2. Anadolu Electric
3. Aykon - Elite Project
4. EMT Construction
5. Iskaya Construction
6. Netaş Construction
7. Özkır - Enez Construction
8. Pinar - HMP Contact
9. Teknotel Energy
10. Building Center

Source: Investments


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