Kabataş Tram will be extended until Beşiktaş

Kabataş Tram will be extended until Beşiktaş
Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Üsküdar - Ümraniye metro line will be commissioned in 2016 and will be a 38 km metro line that will be completed in 22 months. The Bus Terminal - Bağcılar line will be activated in mid-2013. Sanayi Mahallesi - Seyrantepe third tube is expected to be operational in 20 months. There is the Kartal - Pendik - Kaynarca line. We are extending this to the shipyard in Tuzla. We bring to the tender stage and we care very much KabataşWe are considering the tender phase of Beşiktaş - Mahmutbey subway, which will start from Istanbul, and it will be tendered in May 2013. The other one is that we have a subway line related to Bahçelievler- Beylikdüzü. Our Ministry of Transport will do this. The Metrobus line created a serious density. While waiting for around 400 thousand passengers, it caught 800 thousand. It is not possible to carry 34 thousand single-hour passengers per hour with rubber wheels. We have important works to relieve this place. Also Kabataş "We have a study to see if we can extend the tram to Beşiktaş."



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