Kabataş - Zeytinburnu Tram Passengers Hanged on the Turnstile

Kabataş - When the turnstiles at the Zeytinburnu Tramway Karaköy stop broke down, the passengers were surprised what to do.
Passengers on the tram, which carries thousands of passengers every day in Istanbul, faced the surprise of the turnstile yesterday evening. Zeytinburnu-Kabataş Passengers traveling on the line wanted to use their akbil and electronic cards at Karaköy station. But the turnstiles did not read the cards. Due to the failure in the electrical system, the turnstiles did not operate.
The passengers were surprised for this situation for a while. Some went to another turnstile and wanted to use the card there, while others were free of charge. Some passengers also insisted on trying to read their cards. Passengers were free to pass when they could not help. The problem continued for a while.
When the fault in the system was solved, the tourniquets started to read the cards.

Source: Cihan




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