Incredible Train Accident in Izmir! (News flash)

📩 23/01/2013 14:12

Incredible Train Accident in Izmir: 26-year-old Gürkan Gür, the driver of the sewage truck, which was broken into two parts and turned into an iron pile, was seriously injured as a result of the crash of the regional passenger train at the level crossing in Torbalı District of Izmir.
22.01.2013 14.30 41 751 32263 XNUMX XNUMX in the direction of the crossing through the uncontrolled level crossing the point of a private company in the management of the company's vanguard, Izmir-Nazilli sailor Hüseyin Karabulut speeding the regional passenger train quickly hit. The vacuum truck dragged in front of the train was divided into two parts by the severity of the crash. XNUMX from the front of the train damaged the front side of the derailment danger of rolling over survived.
The ferry driver Gür returned to the iron pile, was taken out of the vehicle by the wounded. Fractures in the legs of the Gür, 112 Emergency Service ambulance with the Torbalı State Hospital. Gür 's broken legs were treated.
90 passengers on the train did not get the shock of the accident for a long time. While waiting for the train to be put back into the rail, the passengers were relocated by the 3 bus allocated by the Municipality of Torbalı.
Hüseyin Karabulut, a mechanic approaching to the police's statement, said that when he approached the crossing, the siren rang, üs However, the vacuum truck entered the level gate. I tried to stop the train could not prevent the accident, Tr he said.

Source : Sözcü

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