Survey was conducted for İZKARAY Project

Survey was conducted for İZKARAY Project
While the institutions are in the decision-making process regarding the giant investment, Yeni Asır is also conducting a survey to learn the opinion of the people of İzmir.
Click here for surveySpecify your preference for the 5 billion-dollar project of great importance for the city
While the work on the Izmir Bay Crossing and Connections IZKARAY Project, which will enable the circumference of Izmir in 60 minutes and spend 5 billion dollars, Yeni Asır conducted a survey to get the opinion of the Izmirians about this giant investment.
It will become a symbol
The project, which envisages connecting the two sides of the Izmir Bay from above and below the sea, will not only facilitate the transportation of the city, but will also become a symbol for the city during the EXPO 2020 process. kazanIt also aims to climb. Yüksel Proje, which is the consultant of the government's 35 Izmir 35 Project, sent a letter to 62 institutions and organizations, including Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and EXPO Steering Committee, asking for opinions.
In the draft map attached to the letter sent to the institutions, 3 different alternatives were discussed for the project that will connect the north and south of İzmir with a bridge and a tube tunnel. Accordingly, the northern leg of the first route is Atakent Junction and the southern leg is Üçkuyular; the northern leg of the second route is Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, the southern one is İnciraltı; The northern leg of the third route will be Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone and the southern leg will be Narlıdere. The organizations to whom the letter has been sent will express their opinions on which of these routes will be more appropriate to build. In the New Century, in order to express the tendencies of Izmirians as to which of these 3 routes they want He's holding a survey at. Visitors to this website will be able to reveal their preference with just one click.
Artificial candidate to be established
Yüksel Proje Uluslararası A.Ş., the consultant of the İZKARAY Project, stated that it is planned to connect Çiğli-Balçova on the north-south axis with the highway and rail system, and asked the institutions for their opinions on the areas within their authority. With the project, it was stated that the highway will be separated from the ring road with the intersection system to be created in the Çiğli region, and a part of the gulf will be crossed over by a bridge, and at the end of the bridge, the artificial island to be created in the sea and the passage of the ships will be crossed with a submerged tube tunnel. It was emphasized that the intersection system to be created aims to connect the road to Çeşme Highway and integrate the rail system into the existing and planned rail system on both sides. The company stated that the project works started with a traffic study, and that the existing and planned facilities that affect the route will be taken into consideration during the project design within the scope of the project work. Company officials asked the relevant institutions and organizations to include the existing and planned facilities in the plan.
Rail system
Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said in a statement last September that they focused on rail systems in order to solve the problem of Izmir urban public transportation and that they would build a rail ring road circling the Izmir Bay with IZKARAY.

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