Disabled people at the UBF

Disabled people at the UBF
We continue to evaluate complaints from us. We are examining the complaints in place and photographing. First, we went to IZBAN Ulukent station on the complaint from Muzaffer Karapinar. There's a ramp, there's an elevator, but there's a problem.
First of all the station has two inputs. When you first look at the entrance, you see stairs, escalators, elevators and ramps. The ramp at the entrance, which overlooks the Anatolian street, is very convenient. However, when the rain falls, the area reaching the entrance to the station is flooded, so it is not possible to reach the entrance, the ramp or the elevator. The ramp to the rear section of the station is very steep. Even those without disabilities are very difficult. And down the ramp is full of bricks. When we get off the ramp, the road is not crossed. This way, even forcing the pedestrians, the wheelchair to go beyond the difficult. In addition, the shortage of the ramp to the elevator is a separate problem.
Our reader Karapınar also flooded the first entrance, the disabled wife in the second car could not move closer to wanted to use. He took his wife out of the car and sat on a wheelchair, then took him up the ramp with great difficulty, reaching the elevator. However, next to each disabled person may not have a relative to help him. Karapınar says he transferred the issue to İZBAN authorities about 15 days ago. We also expect the sensitivity of İZBAN authorities.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr

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  1. Whoever has the idea to make the entrance to the Ulukent city center and Izban station on the opposite side, should resign immediately… Besides, why we cannot take our bike from the escalator, there is no logical explanation for this !! Why did you wait before the election for Ulukent and Egekent-2 stations that needed overpasses since the day it was built ??? Pain to citizens, pleasure to presidents ...

  2. Why does İzban not receive inside cabin AD? There are examples in Istanbul Metro. Maybe they protect the stations (ulukent) where rain and wind enter their income, they have no money! In addition, there is not a single bin at their stations, everyone throws their garbage on the floor ...

  3. Yes this is a very big problem I have to walk the 1 km road to go to the factory to the other side of the railroad to go to the casting factory