Is the subway under the Istanbul metro?

Is the subway under the Istanbul metro?
Hunters are reminded that simultaneously take CHP 3 of the city's major subway construction in Turkey District Chairman Bayram Acar; Iy The mileage of Istanbul Metro is worth $ 140 million, 100 million dollars for Ankara Metro and 56 Million Dollars for İzmir Metro. Are the subways being built in Istanbul and Ankara or are there other jobs in this business? There are very high costs for transportation investments, but if there is no solution, then there is a job in this account Ulaşım.
Acar stated that the AKP is the only ruling party for more than 10 years, while Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has been in the administration of the AKP for more than 8 years. U If you go to any corner of Istanbul, almost every hour of the day you have the end of transportation and traffic. The money spent for metrobuses and the situation in the middle, Met he said.
Take İzmir as an example
Bayram Akar reminded that IMM has a share of more than 60 per annum for the investments in the budget every year and that 8 is spent over 11 annually. Iniz If 8 is spending a year on 11 quadrillion and you still cannot solve the transportation problem of this city, you will not be able to solve it. You don't know this, or there's another job in it. In addition, 4 in Istanbul and the 3 metro line in Ankara are being carried out by the Ministry of Transportation. Construction in Ankara 10 has been going on for years. It took 7.5 years in Istanbul. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality completes the metros without a single penny aid with its own budget. If they do not know anything, go and get an example of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. L
37 Million TL account is not asked
Acar noted that the IMM was constantly on the agenda with ğ faulty gel and le unplanned ”projects. Var The first time you have a cancellation of the Avcılar Bridge Junction Project which is publicly announced through your newspaper. You're spending $ 1 million on 37 and you're calling it a giant project that will solve the transportation problem of the region. You're wasting a lot of money for glorious ceremonies. Before the 6 years before the t pardon was wrong, ”he said by filling the tunnel into the tunnel you are canceling. 37 million pounds out of the pocket of this nation is going to waste. Now that we have learned from your newspaper, there is an underpass project which was started in Büyükçekmece without the permission of the highways and stopped with a court decision on the grounds of m risk m. Can a project be carried out without calculating the sea level in a seaside district? In Avcılar district, the construction of Kuruçeşme Alt Geçit, which connects Deniz Köşkler District and Gümüşpala neighborhood, is going on. It is said that there are similar problems. Water is discharged from the foundation with pumps. As CHP, we will follow it. We do not follow the work of the people of Avcılar closely to be victimized, '' he said.

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