Industrial rails are coming to OIZs with railways logistics | Bursa

Industrial railways come to OIZs with railways logistics
Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim heralded the connection of the Gemlik freight train at the groundbreaking ceremony of the high-speed train.
Now this issue has moved further.
The General Directorate of State Railways is forming a logistics center in the region where the high-speed train station at the gate is located.
And primarily in Bursa, 3 is connected to the big industrial zone railway network.
Organized Industrial Zone, NOSAB and DOSAB industrial rails are coming.
The aim is to bring the goods produced in these three major regions to freight-sensitive areas and to connect them to the ports.
Yesterday, AK Party provincial chairman Sedat Yalçın'la talking to them, was very excited.
Demiryolu Railway networks will be connected to OIZs. It will be brought together with freight trains. In a few years they are completed. 3 will change many habits in this city over the years. With the high-speed train, freight trains, and the railway logistics center, there will be great added value for the regional economy. Hızlı
The President emphasizes the importance of the industry move, especially in the new Bursa strategy.
The most important point of view is to provide the infrastructure that can fight in the competitive environment. He also stresses the need for the polluting industrialist to get away from the city and go to the vicinity of Karacabey Deri OSB.
The resolution of these two points in the city will be serious for tomorrow. kazanYalçın argues that he will provide workers. Honestly, I enjoyed listening to it.
The truth of this city is clear.
If we want to develop, we should direct the investments correctly, add value and take ownership.
Especially the industrialist, the businessman.
They are going to expand both our business volume and our employment increase.
Value added will benefit everyone.
There's flour in the city, there's sugar. All that remains is to make the halva.
As long as the master in the kitchen is good.
At this point, Yalcin, "Our government has the future of Turkey, taking into account the perspectives of the vision before while building the Bursa. There are certain things to do after that. Turkey, despite all the problems in the region are rising. Because it is well managed. Look at the latest developments in Bursa, investments, auto roads, high-speed Istanbul has aroused its capital. Office opening race began. 3 now. We deflection. Even the important step of the sea planes. A different Bursa will emerge in the next few years b.
With the right strategies, this helmet doesn't hold down.
As long as you get the flavor setting.
For this reason, all the unification was already on New Year's Day.
Party management, deputies, investor institutions metropolitan, Provincial Special Administration, Highways, Motorways, Provincial Health and Youth Sports met the top names in Doburca.
18.00 investments from 21.00 to 2013.
Then the provincial administration gathered privately. The post.
All the staff entered the new year with employees, hospitals, different venues.
There is an intensive study program.
2013 design and then 2014 choices, keeping their promises, as a party that has completed its investments to come out of society.
What I see is that this structure, which has conquered its traditional habits and blended with new perspectives, comes with brand new surprises for the next process.
I've written it before, on TV. It's hard to get a party's vote.
Especially one of the most serious criteria of the new period; the inin liking ”criteria of the names held by the party in the showcase are never below the party rates.
For example, if the party rate is less than 55, the heads start to play danger signals.
That's why we need to read Bursa photo well.
One person will read and interpret it first. We'll ask.

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