Metrobus friendship where every journey is a novel

Metrobus friendship where every journey is a novel
Sometimes unexpected friendships are formed in metrobuses, where every journey is a novel. Thanks to this friendship, the road is pulled away ...
I am a manager at a university. As a matter of my job, I use the metrobus in the morning and evening. My metrobus journey takes a long time since I got off in Zincirlikuyu. I got on the metrobus from Beylikdüzü on a Monday. I sat in the back and opened my newspaper.
At that time, I noticed on my right a cleanly dressed and shaved person reading the newspaper with me. I said to him with a slight smile, "I read it and I'll give it to you." He also thanked him and bought the newspaper. He read it fast, thanked him and gave it back. I didn't want to buy it, but when I insisted I bought it. Then little by little sohbet started. What do you do? Starting with where do you work sohbet progressed. He was also employed at a bank. We lived in the same neighborhood. We took each other's phone. We were like friends. Metrobus friendship, that is.
We set out at the same time every morning and evening and get on the metrobus together. I had a friend on the metrobus, where I went alone for months and came to me, with whom I got along well and talked to my family. As I go, various sohbetWe travel by talking. Thus, the tortured metrobus journey, sohbet ends in the mood. Of course, I was lucky to be friends. I don't think everyone is as lucky as me on the metrobus.

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