5 bin 379 appeal against Haydarpaşa Plan was delivered to Metropolitan Municipality

📩 25/11/2018 16:27

5 bin 379 appeal against Haydarpaşa Plan was delivered to Metropolitan Municipality
Haydarpaşa Station and Kadıköy 5 thousand 379 appeals filed against the changes to be made in the Square were delivered to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.
5 thousand 379 petitions against the Haydarpaşa Plan were handed over to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM).
According to the news of Özlem Güvemli from Cumhuriyet Newspaper, “With Haydarpaşa Station Kadıköy 5 thousand 379 appeals filed against the Master Plan for the Protection of the Square and its Surroundings were delivered to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). Appeal petitions will be evaluated and concluded. The points of objection in the petitions are that Haydarpaşa Station is a hotel, there is a large space allocated for trade and Kadıköy It was gathered under the titles of the section where Atatürk Bust was located in the Square as a fairground. Kadıköy Mayor Selami Öztürk said that if there is no change in these 3 issues where objections are concentrated in the IMM Assembly, they will apply to the judiciary.
“In Haydarpaşa Plan” Kadıköy Municipality and townspeople were disabled ”
If the municipality is consulted while devre Haydarpaşa Plan d is being done, Öztürk said that if the information is provided, the problems will not come to this point and the local administrations and the people of the district were also disabled in this process. Öztürk stated that he thought that the area where Atatürk Bust was located would be taken back in the arrangement regarding the announcement of the exhibition area and said geri They tried to swallow us, but they could not be swallowed. We want the fair area to be completely removed. The people have objections. The 5 bin 379 appeal is one of my petitions. Sun
Ediy They react to the green space diye they don't want a mosque ini ini
Öztürk made the following comment about the mosque project in Göztepe Park:
“When the State Council approved the park as the 'religious facility area' by saying that there is a need for a mosque in the region, we suggested building a mosque in the corner of the park, in an area that will not spoil the active green area. However, the decision was entered into the plan and the park, where 60-year-old trees are located, was declared a religious facility area. Kadir Topbaş, 'Kadıköy"We look at the place suggested by" he said, but we did not have a mutual meeting. They know that if a mosque is built in the green area, they will react and they launch this reaction as "they do not want mosques" and make propaganda material. To stop this, we suggested a more suitable place for the mosque. Now they cannot use the argument 'these are against the mosque' or wait.

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