One year in Haydarpaşa Guard

Haydarpaşa Solidarity Group, the historical structure to live as a gar 52 is doing action for the week.
52 is the “seizure meeting” held by Haydarpaşa Solidarity, which resists to be transferred as pazar gar ği to the next generations. reached the week.
Professor Dr. The group gathered on the internet with the initiative of Zerrin Bayraktar and asked for ”Haydarpaşa to stay in the garage aşa. Group seizures 15. week due to a statement published.
15 thousand signatures were submitted to the ministry by the executives of the Unions Transport Union, where the workers of the Railroad Workers were organized. In this way, it was aimed to clarify Haydarpaşa's trimming and looting projects. Tr
The 1 2012 2 launches on this development in the first year of the action of the N Seizure meeting in front of the garage G. This is a summary of the following: yıl The Haydarpaşa Train Station and the Harbor trade and business center. The public is being deceived by the 'Marmaray project and Haydarpaşa Railway Station will be dysfunctional'. We will continue our protest actions.

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