Haydarpaşa Train Station

Haydarpaşa Train Station
KadıköyProviding information about urban transformation in Turkey, Mayor Öztürk said that the Yeldeğirmeni region will be renewed in accordance with the historical texture. Öztürk said, "With the completion of the work in Fikirtepe, an important commercial center will emerge."
Kadıköy'The work they carry out as much defining the urban transformation of urban renewal Kadıköy Mayor Selami Öztürk, KadıköyHe said that the people were conscious about this issue and that the transformation was realized spontaneously with the increase in zoning.
Stating that Fikirtepe has a significant old building stock and a large population, Selami Öztürk said, “Almost 100 thousand of our citizens live in buildings that have never seen an engineer. I support the project that started here, 'he said.
Stating that Fikirtepe will be valued with the transformation and its bad image will disappear, Öztürk also stated that more green areas and social areas will be obtained with the merger of several islands. KadıköyMaking a statement about the Yeldeğirmeni region, one of the most important historical neighborhoods of Turkey, Selami Öztürk stated that the neighborhood has integrity with Haydarpaşa Train Station and that the two should be evaluated within the scope of a project. Mayor Öztürk stated that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is doing a project about Haydarpaşa Train Station and said; 'We are renewing the Windmill Station to serve with integrity.'

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