Many Public Buildings will be sold at Haydarpasa Train Station and Bosphorus

Many Public Buildings will be sold at Haydarpasa Train Station and Bosphorus
The government is working to bring public, dormant land and historic buildings into the economy by taking the authority of zoning plan. If the project is implemented, the state coffers will be filled.
The government is working to bring public, dormant land and historic buildings into the economy by taking the authority of zoning plan. With the project, many public buildings overlooking the Bosphorus in Istanbul will be disposed of with leasing and sales methods.
Tourists and construction companies expect the government to sell priceless historical buildings, especially in Istanbul.
Which is one of Turkey's most respected real estate appraisal companies, and commercial real estate services, which until this year 1994 the North West Real Estate Appraisal, has signed a study of the estimated value of public buildings in Istanbul.
Some of the public buildings overlooking the Bosphorus will be transformed into a hotel with the zoning plan changes or restored and used for tourism purposes. Land plots in the city centers will be rearranged as a trade center, shopping center or mass housing area with the arrangement to be made in the zoning plans.
When Turgut Özal announced his privatization policies, politik Satarım ”and“ Sattirmam ”discussions were very popular. However, all those discussions were far behind. Now, the sale of public enterprises, immovables are not met with opposition.
Finally, many buildings on the Bosphorus become salable with the Ministry of Finance taking the zoning authority of the Treasury's land and buildings and arranging them as hotels, business centers or mass housing areas. With the decision, a wide real estate portfolio of the Ministry of Finance, which was authorized to buy and sell all public buildings belonging to the Treasury, was formed. When the implementation starts, the ministry will be able to sell many buildings from hospitals to schools, universities to shipyards. Among the historical buildings that are likely to go on sale, there are also invaluable structures such as Kuleli Military High School, Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Train Station, and the Sirkeci Post Office.
Contractors' interest is expected to shift to the Bosphorus with the public buildings on the Bosphorus going on sale. After the work of the Ministry was heard, Ali Ağaoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ağaoğlu Group of Companies, declared that they wanted historical buildings on the Bosphorus, while contractors generally prefer to follow developments quietly but closely.
Already, in order to be out of sight of the regulation on this issue, the Amendment Law, which amended the Organization Law and allowed the establishment of the Tax Inspection Board, was added to the decree and the zoning authority on Treasury lands was transferred to the Ministry of Finance. However, the regulation soon led to great controversy.
Thus, the Ministry of Finance has gained the authority to evaluate the immovable properties which are under the rule and disposition of the state for different projects. Moreover, the plans will be formally approved by Milli Emlak if the municipalities do not approve the changes in the 3 month by the decree, which takes into account possible bureaucratic obstacles.
National Real Estate, depending on the Ministry of Finance, even though the government reconstruction and sales Minister Erdogan Bayraktar'i showed to address the Minister of Environment and Urbanization. Bayraktar is currently waiting for the file to be prepared by Milli Emlak.
Experts, National Real Estate's work will be followed by two separate methods of renting and selling, if the buildings in question are the historical structures of the buildings in the Çırağan Palace, such as the 49 yearly rental method may come up.
A senior official from the Ministry of Finance, the reason for the preparation of the law yas Today, there are many public institutions in Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus. Instead of these buildings, public institutions can also operate in a different area within the city. Some of the areas where public buildings overlook the Bosphorus can be converted into a hotel area with changes in the zoning plan. It can be sold in this way. Land can be brought into the economy for a much higher price. Iyor
In other words, the Ministry of Finance can move Kuleli Military High School, Haydarpaşa Railway Station, Sirkeci Post Office to another location for sale or rent it out of Çengelköy.

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