Haydarpaşa Station Walk on February 20, 2013

Haydarpaşa Train Station on February 20, 2013
Haydarpaşa Solidarity on Wednesday, 20 February 2013, at 18.30 on the first year of the struggle against the Haydarpaşa Station transformation project in the stairways every Sunday and every Thursday night. Kadıköy Gathering at its pier, Haydarpaşa will walk to the garage. In the statement made before the action, it was stated that the importance of participating in the action that the columnists would bring to the agenda in the corners of the issue, and that Haydarpaşa garda was not permitted.
Activity Program:
February 20 2013
Time of Collecting: 18: 30
Meeting area: Kadıköy Pier Square
Time: 19: 00
Walking with a Torch
Time: 20: 00- 21: 30
Theater Simurg Show
Ufuk Karakoç Concert
Press and Public
The AKP government wants to transform the region, which has 2004 million m1 of public and urban and historical sites, with Haydarpaşa Train Station and its surrounding, into a commercial and business center. In this looting application, Haydarpaşa Station will be deceived by the Marmaray project and deceive the public.
According to the Preservation Master Plan on Protection of Haydarpaşa Gar and its environs, which were suspended and suspended in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the station building was given the function of CULTURE, ACCOMMODATION (HOTEL) and the entrance floor could be used for TCDD activities.
However, in recent statements made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication to the public, it has been announced that the railway where Haydarpaşa Gar lost its function no longer needs Haydarpaşa garage, but that a nostalgic train can be operated between Ayrılıkçeşme and Haydarpaşa.
TCDD, citing the work of the High Speed ​​Train project between Gebze Köseköy, ended the flights of all the outline trains coming and going to Haydarpaşa Station as of February 1, 2012. And thus, it was aimed to open the way for Haydarpaşa to be lonely by train and to implement looting projects.
As Haydarpaşa Solidarity, which has been serving as the main station for 104 years and is the symbol of Istanbul, the world cultural heritage, Haydarpaşa Railway Station and the Port's industrial function, and also for the implementation of the looting projects to be implemented in this region;
Every Sunday between 13; 00-14; 00 hours, we have watched our families at Haydarpaşa Train Stairs for 49 weeks. In order for solidarity not to be disconnected from art and literature; Every Thursday between 20; 00-21; 00, we organized amateur activities with songs, folk songs, folklore, violin recital and juggler 29 times. Our guests were also from sensitive art circles.
The weather conditions mostly smiled at us, sometimes using the umbrella to avoid getting wet under the umbrella, sometimes using the sun to protect our places on the stairs. Although the weather conditions will not be of much help after that, we are determined to continue to wrap and wrap our umbrellas with our scarves.
During this period, there should be an even more “sensitive majority” contribution and support.
We also ask you to support this issue. We need it now even more.
The evaluation of the objections made in the suspension process of the so-called conservation master plan, which will provide the transformation of Haydarpaşa and its surroundings in the IMM Assembly, and the annulment case opened by the Chamber of Architects, BTS and Liman-İş have not been concluded.
In addition to these developments, it is the fact that TCDD Board of Directors applied to the Privatization Administration to evaluate the haydarpasha in income generating projects with an official decision.
Here at this location in this position to bring your news information about Haydarapasa and around once again to bring up the agenda and more importantly, despite all kinds of negative conditions, and there is a resistance developed by Haydarpaşa Solidarity with the reflex show for a long time, telling the subject to your pages once again wish you to GUEST. . We need this as SOCIETY.
Neoliberal municipalism, which destroys the living spaces of the laborer and lower income groups, force their populations to the walls, intersection of the public areas, make shopping malls, privatized and accessible, and also sees the coasts of this city to lower income groups with the expectation of an apparent rent.
All public spaces, especially Taksim, Haydarpaşa, Galata, to destroy the city, which will turn into a giant commodity that will be consumed by the democracy of money, and the city, which will be consumed in the last place, to restore itself and establish the “city right”. Now is the time to fill the threatened neighborhoods with picnics, festivities, meetings.
And so 20 February. Wednesday afternoon, 2013. Kadıköy Now is the time to be arm in arm on the walk to be held from the ferry port Haydarpaşa Gara ..
Haydarpaşa Solidarity
Haydarpaşa Station Will Never Be Alone… ..

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