The most beautiful metrobus journey of my life

The most beautiful metrobus journey of my life: Hince hirsute metrobuste to find a place to hold a brunette lady almost embraced me. This way, the trip was pulled.
KadıköyI live in, I work in Zincirlikuyu. I have to take the metrobus every day. Although difficult, metrobus is now an indispensable means of public transportation for me. Because I am caught in traffic and do not wait for hours, so I go to work on time and pay less for transportation. I also examined the profile of metrobus passengers for a long time and made the following conclusions.
First of all, passengers of Metrobus are more qualified than other bus and minibus passengers. Most doctors, lawyers, managers at work and qualified people. Men and women are well-kept, highly insightful. Let me explain this. Well, the metrobus is so rough. No matter how much you pay attention, you are touching someone in one way or another. Metrobus ladies are insightful about it. One of the metrobus men, especially young people, very respectful to women. If they are young ladies, they are more respectful, giving them the strongest places.
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I had the memory of the metrobus, which I cannot forget, on Friday. I barely took the metrobus from Zincirlikuyu. The vehicle was more crowded than ever. It was the first time I was traveling in such a crowd. I couldn't breathe. Until I came to Acıbadem stop, I suffered, not travel. I was hoped that it would go down, but in vain. Few people got on as there were no descents. One of them was a tall and brunette lady in her 30s. This big, flamboyant lady almost embraced me as soon as I got there. Because he had no place to hold. Since I was clinging to the iron on the side, I was standing firm. My head coincided with the lady's chin. But she probably did not make her voice because she had no place to hold on. First of all, this journey, which I had a hard time, was enjoyable with perfume that smelled perfect. This is how we went to the Söğütlüçeşme stop.

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