Haliç Metro Bridge Final State and Aerial View

Yenikapi Haciosman Metro Stations Times and Routes
Yenikapi Haciosman Metro Stations Times and Routes

When the construction of Haliç Metro Pass Bridge, which is one of the most important stages of Istanbul Metro, one of the biggest investments of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is completed, passengers boarding from Hacıosman will reach the Yenikapı transfer station without interruption. Here with the Marmaray link, Kadıköy-Kartal will be able to reach Bakırköy-Atatürk Airport or Bağcılar Olimpiyatköyü Başakşehir in a short time.

Work on the Haliç Metro Bridge, which is under construction and will be linked to the Marmaray project, continues. That's how it was viewed on the bridge from the air



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