Gaziantep Ring Road Opened

Opening ceremony of the Gaziantep Ring Road, Erik Koprulu Junction, Baspinar Organized Industrial Bridge and other completed facilities 19 January 2013 On Saturday, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali YILDIRIM, Minister of National Education Ömer DİNÇER, Minister of Family and Social Policies Fatma ŞAHİN, General Manager of General Directorate of Highways M. Cahit TURHAN and many guests attended.
Binali YILDIRIM, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications said that the road works carried out to increase Gaziantep's exports by 20 ratio were effective.
The 2 km long Gaziantep Ring Road, which was completed in highway standards and with 3 × 34,4 lanes, starts with a bridge crossroad on the D-400 State Road west of Gaziantep and continues for 11 km from the west of the city to the south. The road that turns east around the Zodiac Forests and surrounds the city from the south ends in the north (Tarsus Pozantı) connecting to the Ayr.-Adana-Toprakkale-Gaziantep Motorway Gaziantep East Junction.
With the launch of the Gaziantep Ring Road, the urban traffic was relieved and the exhaust emissions of the vehicles decreased significantly due to the elimination of the traffic expectations. In addition to the savings on maintenance and operating costs and time, the annual 32.850.000 TL contribution to the national economy was reduced by reducing the expenses such as fuel oil and depreciation.
Also; The Erik Bridge Interchange, which was opened on the D400 State Road, was carried out quickly and safely by the Erik, Sam villages and picnic areas. In the bridge crossing to Başpınar Organized Industrial Zone, the regional traffic was provided relief.

Source: KGM

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