Fast Train, OSB, Airport and Shopping Mall Required

High-speed train OSB, airport and shopping center required
Rize Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (RISIAD) President Mustafa Külünkoğlu, the city to attract investment in the Organized Industrial Zone (OSB), the airport, shopping center (AVM), such as high-speed train, said he needed projects.
Külünkoğlu said, “The way to develop our city, region and country is primarily due to the widespread and modern transportation network. Our region, whose transportation infrastructure is rapidly strengthening, will develop more rapidly. Our people will prosper sooner. The 130-year dream of Rize and the Ovit Tunnel, which is described as a dream project for some, are realized. In the event of this project, Rizeli, Erzurumlu, Mardinli will win. With GAP products reaching the ports, Southeast will win. Citizens of Rizeli and Erzurum, who provide convenient transportation, will win. But the opening of the Ovit Tunnel is not enough for the economy of Rize and the investments to come to Rize. With the Ovit Tunnel, the OIZ should be completed as soon as possible, the shopping center should be built, and the airport and high-speed train projects should be brought to Rize. ” said.
Külünkoğlu stated that one of the most important ways to develop Rize is to build an airport, adding: “Air transportation, which is the most modern and fast means of transportation, is now a must for Rize, one of the eastern provinces of our country. Because the geographical beauty of our province and the region attracts people more and more every day. We now have Ayder and Anzer plateaus that the world knows. In addition to these, we have other plateaus that enchant people with their beauty. These plateaus are now important centers when they attract people from sea tourism to plateau tourism. In addition, there will be places for skiing tourism in the winter period. We can increase them. Storm and rafting on Iyidere. Helder, camping, mountaineering, jeep safari in Ayder and İkizdere are some of them. In order to see these beauties, we need to bring people to the region as soon as possible. This is done by the fastest means of transportation, the airline. ”
In order to realize these projects, Külünkoğlu invited all the Rizards to join forces and said, “We should make Rize an investment center and work to make it a more livable city, not a migrant, but a migrant city.” she concluded her words.

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