Contains Eurail Pass now includes Turkey

This year, those planning to visit Europe with Eurail Pass will find the chance to visit Turkey for the first time.
1 From January, TCDD will become a member of Eurail Global, which manages the Eurail Pass. Join Eurail Pass (the right to ride the train in the country 24) and adjacent 5 of people having elective ticket that includes the right to travel to the country allows users to pass through Bulgaria to Turkey. Platform TCDD wants to recognize the developing railway network overseas, and the Eurail Group offers the best platforms such as North America. Ları
That's not the only change. Westbahn, which operates the new high-speed train line between Salzburg and Vienna, will also join the group as the first private railway company. France's national rail company SNCF will withdraw from an optional crossing ticket and limit its membership to France for its Global and Regional Pass.

Source: TCDD



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