Estram and silkworm trams

Estram and silkworm trams
The magazines and books of Demiryol İş are an exquisite source of information for me. Even if a few pages can take place the latest developments of high speed train and urban metro-rail systems in the world.
Of course, our problem Adapazarı-Sakarya! We would be happy if we could even get information from the tip and contribute to the city. Etmiye-milky without interfering with the wrong and ignoring the city's blessing is only for us.
120-year Arifiye-Adapazarı railway line, "THE FIRST STAGE OF THE Urban Rail System Project!" They say and if I am silent, I am ashamed of my history.
But I am also proud of the cities of my country that make rail systems. My city deserves better and better, and I am jealous of not being able to do it. I start to chill when I go and see the Pointed Rail Stops between my Office-Equipment and the Good Year Level Crossing. As the caravan walks, it deserves to continue to scare…
In Demiryol İş Magazine, Eskişehir's Rail System is summarized: “The system is more economical than its alternatives. It consumes less energy and requires less substations. Since it works with electricity, it reduces oil dependence in our country without oil.
It was completed in as little as two years. The 16 km route, which includes universities, hospitals, schools, public institutions, bus terminals and shopping centers, serves as double lines.
Work has been started to build additional lines. With the new line of 24 kilometers, transportation services will be provided to 3 new regions and 20 neighborhoods. "
Adapazarı-Sakarya is the audience of politics without vision. Bursa Metropolitan has put the First Local Tram Silkworm on the tracks with a company from Bursa. It has passed worldwide tests successfully. Watch, the prime minister will last one day tomorrow.

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