In Eskişehir One person from each family is in TÜLOMSAŞ

In Eskişehir One person from each family is in TÜLOMSAŞ
Hayri Avcı, General Manager of TÜLOMSAŞ, said, "One person from every family in Eskişehir definitely works or has worked in TÜLOMSAŞ". The first Turkish automobile revolution manufactures Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. diesel locomotives, engines and wagons production realized that indicates TULOMSAS General Manager Hayri Avci, he said that in 1894 established the basis for the company's Eskişehir industry. Avcı expressed the meaning of the company for the city with the words "One person from each family in Eskişehir has worked with us or has a relationship in some way". Stating that the company managed with the logic of the private sector has created a vision for 2015, Avcı said, “We quit labor-intensive work and focused on assembly. Thus, we provided an opportunity for the development of the supplier industry and SMEs in this field ”. Stating that they have reached a level to compete with Europe, Avcı said, “We produce the wagon below the European price. We cost the locomotive of 4 million dollars with 51 percent domestic contribution to 2.5 million dollars. We created a supplier profile stretching from Eskişehir to Samsun. In 2015, we aim to produce 250 locomotives annually, to export 50 percent of them and to contribute 100 million dollars annually to the supplier industry ”.

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