Two trains collide in Elazig!

Two trains collided in Elazig: 2 train drivers and 8 people were injured as a result of the collision of the passenger train that entered the train station in Elazig and the maneuvering freight train.
According to the information received, the passenger train Fırat Ekpresi, departing from Adana, collided with a freight train maneuvering at the entrance of Yolçatı train station, 25 kilometers from Elazig. Due to the accident, freight train drivers Fesih Karanfil and Ömer Demirtaş and 6 passengers on the passenger train were injured.
It was reported that the passengers of the injured who were taken to various hospitals in Elazig were treated on an outpatient basis and the mechanics were observed. After the accident, the freight train was pulled from the station.
TCDD officials instead of the accident came and received information.

Source: HaberTürk

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