Ebru Ilisci wife filed a criminal complaint about TCDD General Manager

Ebru Ilisci wife filed a criminal complaint about TCDD General Manager
At the Feneryolu Train Station, the 3-year-old son, Ege, started a suburban train, and the trial of a mechanic and conductor accused of causing the death of academician Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı, who died as a result of the closure of the door, began. Sabri Akin Ilica'nın who gave life to the train for the baby's life, Ilıcalı'nin his wife struggled for the correction of the train system and the train engineer with the conductor would not allow to be closed by closing, he said. The Ilıcalı family also filed a criminal complaint against TCDD's general manager and officials.
11 July 2012 accident in the accident, Feneryolu Train Station with the help of the security officer before the 3 son of the Aegean train on the train, then a baby in the hands of the car when trying to take the train Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı to close the gap between the platform and the train can fall to the gap He had given. In the expert report requested for the event, the train conductor Uğur Özkoç had to instruct the radio mechanic Abdullah Çiğdem to move to the radio mechanic Abdullah Çiğdem after the passengers had completed the ride. I secondary defective ”. According to the expert report stated that there is no fault of the mechanic Abdullah Çiğdem, both defendants were asked to be punished with imprisonment up to 6 for the crime of causing death by the culprit.
Mechanic apologized
The train driver, Abdullah Çiğdem KadıköyApologized to Ebru Ilıcalı's family, who died before the trial at the 5th Criminal Court of First Instance. Machinist Çiğdem said, “I acted with the warning of the conductor. When I looked through the mirrors, I couldn't see anything. Moreover, there is a system that ensures that the train does not move before the doors are closed. The train would not move if the doors were not closed. ”
Conductor Süleyman Uğur Özkoç said: fizik Due to the physical structure of Feneryolu station, the railings in front of me may have prevented my view, but the train does not move before the doors close. This is the main assurance of this work. Bu
During the hearing witnessed the witness Ertan Solo, before the child was put on the train, then put the baby carriage in the mother's hand on the train, the doors closed, said: The train started to move. I told the lady to drop the car and hand her over to the baby at the next station. But he didn't leave the car and then fell off. Ama
'To fix the system'
Sabri Akin Ilicali deceased Ilıcalı'nın Ilıcalı, the platform between the platform and the national and international standards are not in line with the claim that they think the main defect in the event TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, General Directorate of TCDD Ankara CER Department President Turgut Fabric, TCDD 1. Regional Director Hasan Gedikli and TCDD 1. He also stated that they had filed a criminal complaint for the punishment of Süleyman Yağmur, the district's regional service manager. Em Our struggle is a very important institution and we want to be instrumental in the correction of the TCDD system ü.

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