Bursa dolmusers asked T1 to take a taxi for the tram line

Bursa dolmusers asked T1 to take a taxi for the tram line
The minibus drivers of Bursa wanted the transformation to the taxi planned to be made due to the T1 Tram line to be carried out gradually. While the Metropolitan Municipality creates 261 separate taxi stands where 30 vehicles can work at different points of the city, it wants the minibuses with line to work as taxis at these stops. The management of Bursa Chamber of Drivers and Automobile Drivers, which discusses the new development with its members, offers the transformation of 146 vehicles from minibus to taxi in the first place and demands that the transformation be realized gradually. Gathering at a wedding hall, shopkeepers discussed the issue of converting from minibus to taxi.
Minibus drivers showed great interest to the information meeting organized by Bursa Chamber of Drivers and Automobile Drivers. Drawing attention to the fact that there are approximately 350 minibus drivers who will be directly affected by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's return from minibus to taxi, Bursa Drivers and Automobile Craftsmen Chamber Chairman Hasan Topçu asked that the transformation be fair. Stating that the process should proceed gradually, Topçu noted that they will carry any injustice or negativity to the judiciary. President Topçu said, “T1 tram line is a one-sided transportation system. It will not bring convenience in public transportation. As Bursa Chamber of Drivers and Cars, we also support the people living in Bursa for more economical and comfortable transportation. It would be unfair to say that the frozen transportation system creates traffic density in Bursa. In the absence of main minibuses, the use of private vehicles will increase. "Minibuses provide citizens with both economical and comfortable transportation."
Noting that Bursa Metropolitan Municipality wanted to remove 1 minibuses with the T261 project, which includes the routes of Altıparmak Avenue, Atatürk Street, İnönü Street, Uluyol Street, Kent Square, Darmstad Street, and Stad Street, Topçu said, “As Bursa Chamber of Drivers and Automobile Carriers, we think this opinion is wrong. As a result of the feasibility studies, we argue that it would be correct to return 17 vehicles to a taxi with 146 stops at first. Our drivers also want this. ”Stating that the fight against pirate taxis continues, Topçu said,“ We ​​are the followers of this issue. Passengers transported by private vehicles are also in danger. God forbid, in the event of an accident, the passenger will be damaged. "It is labor theft to be transported in a private vehicle for money."
According to the study of the municipality, 261 new taxi stands will be created in Osmangazi, Yıldırım, Nilüfer and Bademli, where 30 taxis will stop. There will be 12 taxis at 102 stops in Osmangazi, 10 vehicles at 80 new stops in Yıldırım, 6 taxis at 55 points in Nilüfer, and 24 stops with 2 vehicles in Bademli and Tepederbent. These stops were created around Bursaray in areas where 27 vehicles would wait.
Lawyer Bünyamin Bayram, Legal Counsel of Bursa Chamber of Drivers and Automobile Drivers, who participated in the meeting as a speaker, stated that the attitude of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is an imposition. Noting that the issue of 2012 percent increase for minibuses was brought to the agenda in 15 but UKOME did not accept it, Bayram said, “This is not an arbitrary place. Our counterpart is not UKOME. UKOME is a municipal agency. We will sue on this issue. We will say that the work done is against the law. Promises were made to us. But it was not held. Law is the right address for us, ”he said.
Evaluating the transformation from minibus to taxi, Bayram said, “I am not doing politics here. No minibus tradesman can turn from minibus to taxi without his consent. Consent is important first. This work cannot be imposed. This job is a matter of calculation ”. During Bayram's speech, some drivers also reacted to the management. The minibus driver and former chamber board member Ertuğrul Tak, on the other hand, asked for a fair conversion from minibus to taxi, “A fan is shown a stick under aba and on the other hand, it is called 'this is your legal right'. There are 94 stops in Bursa. We have legal rights. In the meantime, in Bursaray shortly before the rail system is opened up to Kestel in the east stage, Gençosman still does not take a concrete step regarding the transformation of the minibuses on the Ankara Road. upset Citizens want the municipality to give priority to minibuses in the transformation.

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