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DLH approved T2 line Tramway on Yalova Road
In Bursa; Now, a new one is added to the steps taken in order to relieve the urban traffic flow and provide a modern, comfortable and fast transportation.
The T1 line, called the T2 line, which is still under construction and will run between the Sculpture and the City Square, has also been approved by DLH.
By the Metropolitan Municipality German Within the framework of the Transport Master Plan, which was commissioned by Brenner, it was decided to extend the tram line to different regions in order to solve the traffic problem in the city.
In order to relieve the T1 line, which is still under construction, the project of the second tram line called T2, which should be operated between Kent Square and Terminal, was prepared and sent to DLH (General Directorate of Railways, Ports and Airports Construction) for approval.
This check came out of DLH.
When we met yesterday, Mayor Recep Altepe was excited.
The T2 line;
The first section will be 8 with 8 stops between the City Square and Terminal. Altepe explained that the second part will be the 360-stop line between Terminal and 2 factory where DOSABUS is located.
According to Altepe, T13 line between Kent Square and Terminal-DOSAB, which will consist of total 2 kilometers, will cross the middle of Yalova Road, rather than roadside, as opposed to the ongoing T1 line.
Therefore, the rails will be laid.
At this point;
The trees in the refuge will not be touched and the rails will be laid on the sides of the trees.
T2 line for the construction of the tender for the construction of the preparations, now President Altepe, the beginning of this summer will begin laying rails at the beginning of the beginning.
With the launch of the T2 line, it was expected that the bus and minibuses running on this line would be terminated, even this five-way 10 stall was planned.
Besides the;
For the tram, it was decided that the railway crossing was planned in the middle of the two big bridges on the Yalova Road, and the tram was used to enter the Terminal with a bat-bir, and to use the gate in front of DOSAB for the transition to DOSAB.
The Metropolitan Municipality and the BURULAŞ establishment are in this direction. After working with Brenner in coordination with the company, they started to touch the projected T2 line before the construction tender.

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