Discounts on passenger fare from Foça bus drivers against İZBAN

Discounts on passenger fare from Foça bus drivers against İZBAN
Foça Birlik and Foça Bus Operators Cooperatives, which carry passengers in İzmir line, have reduced the passenger transportation fees. from Foca Karşıyaka Till the stop until the cold section of the fee is reduced to 8 lira 5.
Foça coachmen, who serve with the 18 vehicle consisting mostly of 55 personality midibuses, move in the summer, in half an hour, in the 20 minute. Demand and intensity changes are made in movement hours.
The decision to take the decision of the İZBAN and transfer buses to Foça also have an effect, but first of all the demands of the public, stating that the President of Foça Koop President Recep Diker said that they can make a discount if the public supports this application.
Recep Diker; “We are not against İZBAN. But there are some practices that the public does not know about and which leads us out of our bread. We're not allowed to take our passengers. There is no limit to the municipal buses that we are trying to compete with while even a standing passenger has the greatest penalty. The Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) determines the routes. He tells us that you cannot leave the route even if your vehicle is full and there is no one to ride. For example, you will enter Gerenköy. He says if you don't, I'm a criminal. The passenger is rebelling when the 10-15 is a time loss for this place. Moreover, the line has been allocated to both municipal buses and individuals outside the cooperative. They're carrying our passenger. Then why are you pushing us into it? We would like to take into consideration our suggestions in this year's route detection and remove the obligation to enter Gerenköy.
After Menemen, we reduced the cost of 8 to 5 pound up to Soğukkuyu. Citizens in the direction of Aliaga in the direction of the first is taken to Hatundere. We expected a half hour train from here. We; we will get our passengers to Izmir in a much shorter time with a small amount remaining. We expect support from our people on this issue. Bu

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