Developed Bomb-Resistant Train Wagon

Developed a bomb-proof train car: Engineers in England developed a bomb-proof train car.
Terror, the railways in the past also targeted.

In the suicide bombings, 2004 people died in Madrid in 191 and 2005 people died in London in 52.
Over the past 60 years, the number of terrorist attacks on trains is over 800.

Engineers from New Castle University in England are working on a bomb-proof train car. The materials of the developed wagon consist of materials that are strong enough to absorb the shock waves emitted by the bomb. The windows of the wagon are covered with plastic, heavy materials are firmly mounted on the wagon, special ceiling panels are used.

Positive results were obtained from the bomb tests carried out on the developed wagons. Despite the violent explosion, the main structure of the wagons was preserved.

In this way, it is hoped that the number of dead and injured in terrorist attacks on trains will be kept at a minimum. British scientists state that they are trying to make the wagons even more durable.



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