Tunnel Works Started

Derince Mayor Dr. Aziz Alemdar, Derince district is very important for the D-100 highway 44 Houses began to work in the tunnel, he said.
Mayor Alemdar held a press conference at the Municipal social facilities in 60 Houses. President Alemdar Derince'de information about the work, D-100 highway district crossing, the former Military Hospital junction area of ​​the new tunnel began to work for 44 Houses, he said.
Expressing that Derince 44 Houses is one of the most problematic areas of Kocaeli crossing of D-100 highway, Mayor Alemdar said, X 44 Houses Tunnel which is planned to be completed in May is being done by Ministry of Transportation. When the tunnel is finished, the traffic lights in this area will be removed. The necessary expropriations for the tunnel construction were made by the Metropolitan Municipality and the Municipality of Derince. A portion of the money required for the construction of the tunnel, which will cost 22 million TL, was transferred from the budget of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. In my period, 10 million TL came out of our vault for expropriations. We did not have any nationalization in court with citizens. ”
Mayor Alemdar, Derince and Tütünçiftlik shore united, 600 meters long walk path and beach, they said, said: “Next summer, the sea will be able to enter the Derince coast. In the coming period, we will make a special project for the small industrial firms scattered in the district with the existing workplaces in Derince Industrial Estate. Çenesuyu the markets with the highest quality drinking water in Turkey will in wider areas, "he said.
Stating that they want to paint the exterior of TMO silos on Derince coast, Mayor Alemdar said “TMO will provide the paint. We, as the municipality, would contribute to the 160 thousand TL. However, we got stuck in the bureaucracy on this issue. ”

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