Critical Process in Greece Rail System Employees Strike

Critical Process in Greece Rail System Employees Strike
In Greece, the government has declared "mobilization" against the strike by rail workers protesting layoffs.
In Greece, the government declared “mobilization” against the 8-day strike of the rail system employees who protested their cuts and dismissals as part of the austerity measures taken to combat the financial crisis.
The Ministry of Transportation, which announced the mobilization of transportation in the transportation sector after the last negotiations between the government and the strikers, was declared inconclusive.
He sent an "mobilization" order.
On the other hand, although the Athens Court of First Instance decided that the strike action was illegal, while the strikers, who announced that they were determined to continue their actions, were waiting in the subway warehouse in Sepolya, Athens Chief Justice Attorney General Panayota Faku was arrested for the arrest of the strikers and brought them to the criminal court. It was reported that he sent written instructions to the unit.
Meanwhile, the city bus employees, who reacted to the government's decision, announced that if the mobilization announcement is not canceled, it will launch a 26-hour strike from Saturday, 24 January.
Transport workers are also supported by the Greek Labor Confederation GSSE.
-Samaras: “It is not possible for the government to take a step back in this regard” -
Commenting on the “mobilization” decision of the Ministry of Transport, Greek Prime Minister Andonis Samaras said that the government would not take a step back on this issue, and that nobody could be granted privileges in the application of equal pay schedule.
Samaras said, “The mistakes made in the past will not be repeated. Now, everyone should understand this. ”

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