Maşukiye stone quarry project solution tunnel

Maşukiye stone quarry project solution tunnel
The solution to the quarry planned to be built at Maşukiye for the supply of materials needed for use in the High Speed ​​Train Project came from SP. GİK member Ahmet Kul who shared the prepared project with the public said that the solution was 'tunnel'
SP, found the solution to the quarry planned to be built in Maşukiye for the provision of necessary materials to the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Project, which has long been on the agenda of the city. In the name of SP'liler who prepared projects to prevent the deterioration of nature in Maşukiye, the project was announced by GİK member Ahmet Kul. At the press conference held in the party building the previous evening, GİK member Ahmet Kul explained that the most suitable solution to avoid disturbance of nature and the environment was 'tunnel'.
In addition to the reactions of Mashukiya people and the CHP, the SP people showed their reaction by taking a big action in Mashukiye. SP, who prepared an alternative project for the quarry, shared the project with the public. GİK member Ahmet Kul, who explained the project, said, “Much has been said about the quarry but nothing could be done. We have prepared an environmentally sensitive project. This project is the best project to solve several problems. Turkey will be the most important project. You throw a stone, you shoot a few birds, you open a tunnel and you see a lot of work. Bir
Avam Project
Tunneling is not a remedy, says Kul, “Those who said we couldn't find a way out should tunnel. This project will be Turkey's longest tunnel. This project is the main project. The state has the status of implementing the project. We have no sanction. The project of public transport, which we had previously brought to the agenda, was completed with a cable car. This issue came up in the local governments meeting held in Istanbul. We need to take a closer look at our project city Süre.
Burn Project
Servant, said: "There is a very long tunnels in the world and Turkey. Channel Tunnel, the tunnel connecting England and France from the sea is 50 km. Siglo tunnel, there are 14 km long tunnel in Turkey. There is a tunnel that passes under the 26 km long Atatürk Dam. It is a project that can be realized. This project can be called the Yanık-Maşukiye-Pamukova Project. This project will be approximately 20 km long and 125 meters above sea level. This tunnel shortens the 40 km road.
Tourism based facilities can be established at the entrance and exit of the tunnel. It will be used more actively than it will be. 3 comes out of million cubic meters of stone. It can be used in the High Speed ​​Train Project. It can also be used in other jobs. It will also prevent the opening of another quarry. It doesn't do much damage to nature. The project is not expensive. The cheese cuts like bread. The project must be done. Plans made by the Ottoman Empire before centuries are known. Nobody can say the project is unnecessary. A national project, not a dream.

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