CHP Bursa Former Deputy Kemal Demirel to Open Railway Exhibition in Bursa

Bursa Railway Exhibition: Last week the foundation of the high-speed train was laid in Bursa. Minister of Transport Binali Yıldırım, Labor and Social Security Minister Faruk Çelik and Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç also attended the groundbreaking ceremony.
There was an interesting name invited to the ceremony. CHP Bursa former deputy Kemal Demirel was invited to this ceremony and hosted in the front row. During the speeches, all three ministers thanked Kemal Demirel for the el railway campaign to Bursa 'for the 16 year. First of all, it was an event we didn't see often. The ministers of the ruling party thanked the former opposition member of the opposition with positive sentences and thanked him İkt
I would like to talk about this briefly. Kemal Demirel, also known as içinde Railway Kemal ”is one of the best known names in Bursa. He served at all levels of the CHP. 2002-2011 22 and 23. period Bursa deputy. He has made various activities and campaigns to bring train to Bursa for decades in active political life.
19 0 1997 16 Xpress 250 a press conference in Harmancık Gökçedağ 39 was going to start the year-long campaign. Demirel walked the 6 kilometer road. 77 province, 16 district to Bursa to train the trouble told. For this, the XNUMX has traveled a thousand kilometers. . Railway Kemal ”became the nickname for this cause. Others said to him, “Train Kemal Kim. He didn't mind and continued to do what he believed in yap Now Kemal Demirel is preparing for an exhibition. At the end of January, the XNUMX exhibits an annual exhibition at the Tayyare Cultural Center. In the exhibition, the story of this adventure will be explained in chronological order.
We are looking forward to Kemal Demirel's exhibition. I say to him easy come Kend

Source: Murat KUTER

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