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The Viaduct of Çatalfır
Recep Altepe, who participated in the Satirbasi program in AS TV operating in Sönmez Medya, stated that with the start of the T1 line on Altıparmak Street, the Çatalfırın Viaduct will be removed. Vehicles will be returned via road. So we plan to remove the viaduct. When the excavations in the center are compiled, we will get there again. Merkez
The academic rooms also stated that they were in favor of the removal of Çatalfırın Viaduct. Chairman of the Chamber of Civil Engineers Bursa Branch Necati Sahin and Chamber of City Planners Bursa Branch Füsun Uyanık, the city center in the image of the pollution-forming viaduct wants to be removed as soon as possible announced. Sahin, sür The life of the buildings in the cities and have a period of use. Çatalfırın Viaduct has also completed its life. The fact that Cumhuriyet Caddesi was closed to vehicle traffic as we see fit, allowed this viaduct to lose its function. When the viaduct of Çatalfırın is removed, the image pollution affecting the city aesthetics and silhouette will be eliminated. Ç

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